BEC organizing really depends on the capacity to discern and respond to a situation that affects a community.  it generally consists of getting to the know the initial situation before one can immerse himself in the community (pre-entry), the entry phase (immersion) which touches base with the people of the community, the organizing phase, the implementation phase, and the controlling phase.

Then the system starts again in cyclical manner with movements going deeper and more profound.

There are various theories of organizing communities (one has to research the various modes of organizing communities).

Relevance of organizing communities

This process is a must for parish priests in oranizing their parishes to smaller communities,

This website is a portal which aids priests in setting up BECs in their parishes.


We hope to come up with research materials on how to organize BECs.

The processes include the following:

1. rationale of setting up Christian communities 

2.  Presentation of Church in the Old and New Testaments, Vatican II and PCP II.

3.  Practical tips on how to set up BECs

4.  Case studies on successful community organizing

5.  Communion, participation, and mission of Church

6.  Situation of parishes in the Diocese of Pasig and how BECs are organized

7.  Formation of the template of organizing BECs

Scope and limitations

This project is limited to the parishes of the Diocese of Pasig, urbanized, but populated of about 1.5 million people.


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