all the elements of BEC organizing

the sources:

focuses in listening

conducting informal meetings

- appoint temporary leaders,
- determine mapping,
- start developing activities, issues, and concerns,
- recruit more members
- analyze gifts of the community,
- agree on regular meetings
- mark stability of group:  ready - willing - able; ready now (time) ; excited with the activity (treasure), and have the skills to implement programs (talent)

holding a larger community meetings

- these are assemblies
- use media promotions


- stakeholders

start with 1 issue

- relevant to people's lives

decide what to do with the issue

- courses of action,
- use of mass media

do it

- monitoring actions and development


- what worked and what didn't work


- have a party

build leadership in the group

- produce the next set of leaders

do a 1 year community plan

The following is a list of possible responsibilities which could be delegated to other members in the Core Group:

Conducting A Neighborhood Inventory

A neighborhood inventory is a collection of facts about the area including the population, type of housing, land use and other elements unique to the neighborhood.

Issue Identification

Issues and concerns can be identified through surveys sent to the residents or through a series of neighborhood meetings. The concerns may deal with crime, physical improvements, transport, preservation of unique features, rezoning, social functions or other special interest concerns such as neighborhood renovation.

Review neighborhood goals

The draft neighborhood plan should be reviewed and changed as you continue to form.

Plan review and evaluation

The progress of the plan must be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis to ensure its success. Periodic evaluations should be done to recognize successes, detect problems, and suggest improvements in the program.

Identify one to three issues that are of major concern to the neighborhood
Form a committee for each issue to spearhead the drive to resolve the issue
Identify available resources that can be utilized to assist the committee
Identify strategies and goals
Agree how often progress will be reviewed, and how it will be measured
Implement strategies

go back to square 1

- improved version


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